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Excivion Presents at Seventeenth UK Hepacivirus and Flavivirus Meeting  - 17th-19th May 2019

Excivion Ltd. Announces the development of a novel point-of-care diagnostic to

facilitate the safe use of dengue vaccines in the field


- Excivion has developed an unique proprietary diagnostic to identify

 dengue-naive subjects who should be spared dengue vaccination -  

CAMBRIDGE, UK – (May 17, 2019) – Excivion Ltd ( “Excivion”, a developer of novel vaccines for the prevention of emerging pandemic infectious diseases, today announced that it has developed a point-of-care diagnostic test with performance characteristics suitable, once licensed, to identify subjects who are dengue-naive and who should be spared dengue vaccination, in order to avoid the risk of priming for severe dengue. The current practice, required by the FDA, is that a laboratory-based test should be used for this purpose. However, the logistics of a laboratory-based test complicate the process of screening and there is general agreement that point-of-care is a better solution for the purpose 

(Luo et al PMID: 30664935,


Commenting on the new development, Peter Laing, CEO of Excivion, said, "There are a number of point-of-care tests in existence for historic dengue, but these have limited sensitivity and have been hampered by the emergence of Zika as a pandemic disease - the tests being generally not capable of reliably distinguishing prior Zika from dengue.  In this instance we re-invented the point-of-care dengue test from the ground up, making it more sensitive and specific than licensed point-of-care tests, and better in these respects than many lab-based tests. We also made the test 'scaleable' to be manufacturable in the millions. In order to scientifically validate the test we made extensive use of plaque neutralisation assay which is the current 'gold standard', albeit requiring culture of live virus. The next step for us is to achieve licensing of the test as a companion diagnostic for dengue vaccines. We are currently seeking partners and philanthropic funding to bring this about. We further anticipate that Zika vaccines in development may require the use of the test as a companion diagnostic, in order to avoid priming for severe dengue in dengue-naive subjects."

The diagnostic has a number of proprietary innovations and exploits Excivion's unique glycan-cloaking technology which places an 'invisibility cloak' over the major cross-reactive site of the dengue and Zika antigens, such that cross-reactive antibodies (that would otherwise result in mis-diagnosis) can not be detected in the test which is highly specific for dengue antibodies. The compositions of matter and novel test architecture are protected by two PCT stage patent applications, the first of which (on the cloaked antigens), having entered the National Phase, is now pending in thirteen territories world-wide. Both of these applications have received very favourable PCT examination reports.

Peter Laing went on to say "The generous support and validation of the UK Government who are funding this work via a contract under the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK is gratefully acknowledged. Without their help we would never have been able to develop the test.” 


About Excivion

Excivion is a UK-based biotechnology company developing solutions to the present and emerging healthcare needs of society that are sustainable and affordable by healthcare systems in the face of competing priorities imposed by an ageing population and the emergence of pandemic diseases. Excivion is producing novel vaccines that can be used to prevent emerging pandemic infectious diseases and to prevent and treat chronic diseases of ageing. Vaccines, historically, have proven the most cost-effective solution to disease prevention, but also have a formidable potential to treat diseases once they have arisen. Excivion is in the vanguard of a new pharmaceutical model for this changing world in which vaccines feature globally in both disease-prevention and in the treatment of chronic diseases.


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Innovate UK is the UK’s Innovation agency. It works with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy.



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