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Excivion's Intellectual Property

Excivion has developed intellectual property in the rational design of flavivirus vaccines and has filed a UK patent application on novel compositions in this field. Further filings are planned in the fields of cardiovascular medicine and oncology.

Track Record of Invention

Peter Laing, CEO, has a strong track record of invention that has given rise to notable licensing deals with major pharma and biotech companies. As a Lecturer in Immunology at the Univesity of Nottingham he filed one of the first patents on luminescent DNA sequencing; at Peptide Therapeutics plc (later Acambis) as Director of Research he pioneered 'Molecular Vaccine Design' patenting  peptide mimics of the capsular polysaccharide of the group-B meningococcus as vaccine immunogens; at Lipoxen plc he was responsible for development of the 'Virtual Conjugate Vaccine' that was licensed to Serum Institute of India Ltd for a 14-component pneumococcal vaccine (wherein liposomal formulation takes the place of chemical conjugation);  at Lipoxen (now Xenetic) as Chief Operating Officer he was also responsible for their 'Co-Delivery' technology which exploits DNA and protein representations of an antigen in the selfsame particle effecting dramatic improvements in vaccine potency (allowing single-dose), exemplified with influenza and hepatitis-B vaccines. At Lipoxen he also developed long-acting versions of factor-VIII in collaboration with Baxter, and a next-generation EPO (ErepoXen) for anaemia, now in phase-III. At United Therapeutics Corp/Europe Ltd he was in charge of their hepatitis-C programme and an inventor of diagnostic and therapeutic patents in the field of flaviviruses, notably UV4B - an oral broad-spectrum antiviral agent now licensed to Emergent Biosolutions Inc. for dengue. These finely tuned skills in invention and licensing are now dedicated to Excivion in pursuit of its New Pharmaceutical Model.

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